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Karty Letter Stencils - Large Size Alphabet, Numeric, and Symbols - Reusable Plastic Kit

Karty Letter Stencils - Large Size Alphabet, Numeric, and Symbols - Reusable Plastic Kit

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THE HIGH QUALITY LETTERING STENCIL YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR One of a Kind Always wanted a letter stencil that is built to last? But never really found one with the strong and durable construction you hoped for? Well, Karty Stencils have finally bridged the quality gap! There is hands down nothing like this in the market. We’ve designed an alphabet stencil that is laser focused on durability, with the strong plastic construction featuring a thickness of 0.125; the sturdiest you can find anywhere. It also features extra-large numbers and letters making tracing a whole lot easier! Spark the Creativity! Stencil your way to art projects that blow you away every single time! This set of 3 number and alphabet stencils is not only supremely durable, but conveniently functional as well. The 2.5” large letters and numerals are smoothly cut, ensuring that your marker traces smoothly around them for amazing results. And the stencil kit also comes with fun symbols too! Draw a beautiful smiley face or trace out the perfect love heart for a memorable touch to any project. Here are some of the fun uses you and the kids can get out of the stencils:

- Create beautiful school art projects that will make the teacher gasp.

- Effectively teach the kids how to write out the whole alphabet.

- Design welcome home posters that will be a mega hit.

- Give your journal entries a touch of superb symmetry.

- Make scrapbooking much neater and inviting.

Karty, is committed to giving you the highest quality Kiddie art materials that’ll last you for years

in the most beautiful designs. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!
  • BUILT FOR MAXIMUM DURABILITY: We’ve created the most durable letter and number stencil on the market using 0.125-inch plastic. This set of 3 10” x 14” ABC stencils, with its unrivaled thickness, is strong enough to give you years’ of use and sail you through all your design projects. Perfect Gifts!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY PROJECT: This alphabet stencil kit isn’t just for kids; adults will get a lot of use from it too! Perfect for ABC's, journal stenciling, signs, painting, chalkboards, childrens artwork, scrapbooking, and many other projects. A fully functional stencil to create amazing art every time!
  • GREAT STENCIL STARTER PACK: You’ll love the carefully cut number and alphabetical stencils that make for smooth and sharp tracing. We’ve even raised the ribs to get rid of those unsightly smudges to create beautiful works of art you’ll want to display on the fridge.
  • ENHANCE YOUR CHILD’S CREATIVITY: Contains 26 uppercase letters, 10 numbers, and 11 symbols spread across 3 stencils. Spark art creativity and master beautiful handwriting with these 2.5" high stencils that make it easy for kids to trace, paint, and draw. Create big, beautiful signs and shapes with incredible ease and fun.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We offer superb art supplies and excellent customer service and if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase; we also offer a Risk-Free, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Click "Add To Cart" now!
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