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ArtCreativity Squirt Camera Set - Pack of 2 - Squeeze and Splash Summer Beach Toy - Watery Jokes and Pranks - Colors May Vary

ArtCreativity Squirt Camera Set - Pack of 2 - Squeeze and Splash Summer Beach Toy - Watery Jokes and Pranks - Colors May Vary

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SHOOT AND SPLASH WITH SELFIES Capture Smiles with Squirting Flashes Your friends will never know what hit them until it does with ArtCreativity’s set of water squirting cameras. Start to get ready for the summer and buy the water squirt camera! Refresh yourself by having fun playing pranks on your friends. This innovative water gun looks like an ordinary kids camera so they’ll never have any idea you are playing a good old joke on them. You can also use this camera to play with your children on the beach, at the swimming pool or in the countryside! Watery Summer Party Favor Getting wet will never be as unsuspecting as this. With these water gun cameras that look like ordinary kids digital camera, guests will surely be surprised by what awaits them after a shot. Promote laughter with every click and freshen them up with a splash this hot summer. This water squirting toy camera is the perfect item to have at your next party, birthday celebration, barbeque or family get-together. Whatever occasion needs a party favor, a prize or a gift, this novelty set is the right one for you! Grab one now and start pranking! Here are the reasons why you’ll love this Squirt Camera Set:

- Contains two (2) cameras

- Has an easy to squeeze trigger

- Can be filled with water without leaking the obvious

- Looks like an ordinary kids digital camera

- Backed by a no-hassle money-back guarantee

Click ‘Add to Cart ‘ now to make your little kids day with this Squirt Camera Set utterly risk-free!
  • A GREAT PRANK TOOL: Surprise your friends with ArtCreativity’s water squirting camera. Nobody expects an ordinary kid's digital camera to be a water gun, so why not grab the chance and pull a prank on your friends. Even adults would be surprised to be shot by a water squirting children’s digital camera.
  • PROMOTES LAUGHTER: Science proves that laughing offers natural pain relief. Alleviate stress and depression through this squirt camera. With a prank tool this adorable, no young or old can resist having fun while getting wet under the sun.
  • EASY TO USE: This squirt cam is not that difficult to use. Just load up this toy camera with water instead of film, then squeeze the trigger. With that, you can splash an unsuspecting victim without them knowing until it’s too late to use any defenses. Easy, right?
  • EXCITING PARTY FAVORS: Summer novelties like a camera are popular party favors and gifts to children that is why this water gun camera that squirts water in a click is an ideal pranking novelty both children and adults can have. This squirt camera is too unsuspecting not to be used by pranksters.
  • BUY RISK-FREE: We fully stand behind our products with total satisfaction and 100% money-back guarantee. Not satisfied with the Squirt Camera Set? We’ll send you a quick replacement or issue a full refund. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to surprise your little one completely risk-free!
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