ArtCreativity Glow in the Dark Hanging Bats, Set of 12, Cool Glowing Toys for Boys and Girls, Glowing Birthday Party Favors and Goodie Bag Stuffers for Kids
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ArtCreativity Glow in the Dark Hanging Bats, Set of 12, Cool Glowing Toys for Boys and Girls, Glowing Birthday Party Favors and Goodie Bag Stuffers for Kids

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CREEPY, GLOWY GOODNESSTrigger their Creativity Creepy bats kids will be yearning for! When the sun sets or the lights are turned low, these glow in the dark spiders know it’s their time to shine. Kids will love using them as classic prank toys, room decorations to give their space a spooky touch, or craft supplies to bring their creativity to the fore. We’ve used safe, light-emitting, non-radioactive plastic to ensure kid-friendly fun.Great for Gifting Whether you’re looking for unique party favors for your little one’s birthday party, party supplies and decorations, non-candy Halloween treats, or fun classroom gifts, these spiders are guaranteed to be a hit! Every pack not only comes with 12 glow in the dark toys to give you enough to dish around but also a 100% money-back guarantee to give you total peace of mind. Inspire a rush of smiles and giggles without having anything to lose.Here are more reasons to love these glow toys:- Come in a pack of 12 to give you great value.- Made of safe, non-radioactive, light-emitting plastic.- Great as kids’ craft supplies or cool bedroom décor.- Make fun party favors and stocking stuffers for kids ages 3+- Backed by a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.Go ahead, treat the kiddos to glow toys they’ll treasure!
  • NEW BUDDIES: Spark serious smiles and gleeful giggles with these whimsical bat toys. They will instantly be your little one’s favorite toy. This pack comes with a SET OF 12 bats that glow in the dark with a serving of spooky green.
  • EPIC GLOWING ACTION: These creepy bats strive in the dark! They aren’t just the typical toy bats, they also glow in the dark to amplify the fun. Bring them out at night parties or Halloween and watch the cool colors light up the room.
  • SAFE FOR PLAY: We’ve used non-radioactive, light-emitting plastic to bring these glowing bat toys to life and steered away from removable parts. They’re great as craft supplies kids will love, room decor to bring walls to life, or non-candy Halloween treats that will be a hit.
  • CREATE CREEPY DÉCOR: With a bit of creativity, you’ll leave a tingle in anyone’s spine. Strategically place the bats around the room to create eye-catching Halloween decorations or place them on themed cakes and make that cake one to remember.
  • AWESOME PARTY FAVORS: Looking for glow in the dark supplies and favors for kids? Unique party stocking stuffers little boys and girls will relish? You’ve found them! These glow toys also make epic pinata fillers, classroom gifts, and preschool learning toys. For ages 3+

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