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ArtCreativity Unicorn Bubble Blaster with Light and Sound | Includes 1 Bubble Gun & 2 Bottles of Bubble Solution & Batteries Installed, for Girls and Boys (Colors May Vary)

ArtCreativity Unicorn Bubble Blaster with Light and Sound | Includes 1 Bubble Gun & 2 Bottles of Bubble Solution & Batteries Installed, for Girls and Boys (Colors May Vary)

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BUBBLE BLASTERS WITH AN EXTRA-CUTE TWIST Double Value; Triple Effects Let the adorable bubbly fun begin! This 5” unicorn bubble blasters will have the kiddos giggling in glee. It comes 1 in a set with 2 (2 oz.) bubble solution and produce multiple effects to make playtime fantastical. Pressing the trigger not only produces a beautiful stream of bubbles from the unicorns’ chests but also lights up the room with an eye-catching LED light show and punctuates the air with dynamic sound effects. Looking for a cool gift your little one won’t quickly tire of? These multi-effect bubble blasters are guaranteed to do the trick! Ready to Go No spending extra on bubble fluid. No having to hunt around the house for batteries. This cute bubble gun comes ready to go right out of the box! It has 2 (2oz) bottles of bubble solution and batteries already installed. Just remove the plastic caps from the battery connector ends and get the bubbly fun going right away. And you’ll love just how easy and mess-free it is to operate the blasters; just screw on the bubble fluid and press the trigger – so even kids as young as 3 can have a blast without your intervention. Here’s what makes this bubble gun set a great buy:

- Comes with 1 cute unicorn bubble blaster.

- Includes a total of 2 bottles of bubble fluid to fuel the thrill.

- Comes with batteries already installed to get the fun started out of the box.

- Super cute unicorn design and eye-catching colors keep little ones interested.

- Backed by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee.

Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to treat the kids to boredom-blasting bubble guns completely risk-free!
  • COMPLETE BUBBLE BLASTERS: Get the giggly fun started right out of the box with the ArtCreativity bubble blaster gun set! It comes with 1 (5”) unicorn bubble blower gun, packed with 2 (2oz) bottles of bubble fluid and batteries already installed; so you won’t have to spend extra.
  • AWESOME LIGHT AND SOUND EFFECTS: Pressing the trigger shoots an eye-catching stream of bubbles, ignites a mesmerizing light show, and produces dynamic sound effects the kids will love. Treat that lucky kiddo to bubble blasters designed to keep them happily engaged for longer.
  • OH SO ADORABLE: Shooting bubbles has never looked this cute. These unicorn bubble guns are designed with cute touches to capture the kids’ imagination. The bubble blasters comes in beautiful white accentuated by blue and the other in pretty shades of pink. (Colors may vary)
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Whether you need a gift to give your child for the holidays, Christmas, birthday, or a reward for doing great in school, this bubble gun set makes a great present. It’s also a guaranteed hit when gifted as a carnival prize and an unforgettable party favor whenever you decide to go all out.
  • PROPER USE: To avoid issues with the bubble gun, please use the bubble gun upright, don’t tilt it sideways or downwards. Also when storing, please clean it after use and make sure the gun is standing upward. This will assure that no bubble solution will get into the battery compartment and will work when taken out for use again.
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